Born in the Appalachian Mountains, raised by a woodworker and a high school teacher, Jenni Kotting considers herself a craftswoman rather than an artist. A craftswoman doesn't have the luxury of waiting for inspiration to strike, rather creativity is a methodical, paced praxis built on practicality and iteration. Although she led an academic life for many years, she has found her heart and soul in creative communications and inclusive design for social justice. When asked how she got here, Jenni is quick to point out that her best skills are the ones she learned from friends and family, or the self-taught ones. Her dad showed her how to use a lathe at age 12; she first experimented with HTML at age 15; changed her car brakes at age 19; taught herself Adobe Creative Suite and graphic design by age 22; became a Communications Director by age 28; and launched her freelance graphic/web design and photography practice by age 30.

For the last 10 years, Jenni's freelance and pro bono clients have been individuals and organizations in the academic and social justice world. She collaborates easily and quickly with folks who want to improve their organizational style and branding, create templates that can be used again and again, and revive their online presence through photo-heavy web design with options for customization.

All inquiries welcome, but currently only available for paid work.